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Legal Title Change FAQ

Q: Why does my document(s) and/or the Bank’s website mention “Column N.A”?

A: Northern California National Bank is owned by a family from Northern California. As part of their purchase of the Bank, the legal name was changed to Column N.A. dba Northern California National Bank, or “NorCal.” Not much else is changing!

Q: How will this change impact me?

A: This is a change in legal title only — the Northern California National Bank name is being retained from a doing business as (dba) perspective and will not impact you. Importantly, your account number, debit card, and checks will not need to be changed. The Bank’s routing number, phone number, email addresses, and website capabilities are also not changing. If you order new checks or a new card, you will notice a reference to the new title, however these do not need to be changed retroactively. 

Q: What is “N.A.”?

N.A. stands for National Association. National Associations are Banks that are formed under the National Bank Act under the authority of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

Q: What else is changing besides the legal name?

A: You should not experience any other changes at the Bank for the foreseeable future. The same leadership team and employees will be here to help with all of your banking needs. Importantly, your accounts, as well as any other products and services offered through the Bank will not change. Our core focus is still to be the best community bank in Chico!

Q: Is the Bank’s management or Board of Directors changing?

A: There will not be any changes to management or staff due to the name change. Several members of the Board of Directors did change as part of the sale of the Bank; however, the board is still predominantly composed of Chico community leaders.

Q: Are my deposits still federally insured?

A: Your accounts will remain FDIC insured in the same manner as they were before. The legal title change does not affect or change the FDIC insurance and its application. 

Q: Will loan rates or deposit rates be impacted by the name change?

A: Loan rates and deposit rates are determined by market conditions and local competition. The legal title change will not impact rates or fees.

Q: Who should I contact if I have more questions and/or am confused about the change and how it impacts me?

A: Please contact any of us at the branch and we will be happy to answer any additional questions and/or review your specific situation with you. You can also email us at with any additional feedback or concerns regarding the change and we will be sure to respond accordingly.